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August Personal Development Update

Feels like its been an extremely busy month and half since my last update. Work went from zero to one hundred mph. Already into our second sprint and I’m actually full time coding now! It’s definitely a much more reassuring to be pair programming, trying to keep up with the senior dev is pretty dizzying at times. I just need to learn as much as I can from him.

My personal development goals are on track so far ! I’ve completed the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures module on Free Code Camp, before August.


Some of the projects were a serious strain on my brain, but some how got through to the other side. I got great value out of the regex , array manipulation and functional programming classes. I feel like I gained some additional tool under my belt which I can start to apply to my day-to-day coding. Changes to my Personal Development Goals

  • Build three Dojo web apps by the end of September

    • Basic Calculator
    • Weather App
  • Start improving my knowledge of Esri WAB

    • Build a simple widget

Re-access next goals after this! 💪