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Hello 2017 : A Year Of Coding #100DaysOfCode

I'm not one for new years resolutions but yesterday (Jan 1, 2017) I decided to commit to #100DaysOfCode. I heard of this challenge on a CodeNewbie podcast featuring Alexander Kallyway ([listen to it here]([link text itself]: http://www.codenewbie.org/podcast/100-days-of-code)) and I think it's a great initiative.

The Rules

The rules are simple, but I'm making a few minor adjustments to suit my skill level. I'm novice programmer but not an absolute beginner, I still heavily rely on tutorials which can be a massive time sink.

  1. Not comfortable about tweeting everyday but I will tweet about my progress at least once a week using the hashtag #100DaysOfCode . In addition to this, I will blog about my progress in 10 chunks using this blog and log daily progress using - https://github.com/chiubaca/100-days-of-code/blob/master/log.md
  2. I don't always get to code at work so I will jump at any opportunity to do so. It will count towards this challenge as long as it meets my personal requirements which are.

    • Python
    • Web Developement
    • Automation (command line, PowerShell, Bash)
  3. I will push code to GitHub every day so that anyone can see my progress at https://github.com/chiubaca/100-days-of-code/blob/master/log.md.
  4. I will be working to improve this blog, Project Euler, PluralSight tutorials, FreeCodeCamp tutorials and anything else I can get my hands on.
  5. Only practical tutorials, online courses and other similar resources will count towards this challenge.
  6. If I miss a day I can make it up by adding on a extra day. I can only at maximum skip one day in a row.

Why Am I Doing This?

I have become really interested in programming during 2016 and keen to take this to the next level in 2017. I want to build something, but not sure what yet (or maybe I do, but just not ready to share it yet...). Until I work this out, I want to refine my skills in front and back-end web development, not just "know" but really master HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In additon to this, I want to use Python as much as a I can for work (and for fun). I will look into using either Flask or Django as a backend and if time permits pick up another language along the way.

Lets do this!